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Tell your customers how far they are from you. Put this driving distance widget on your website.

Driving Distance Calculator

With this web package you will be able to calculate on your web site driving distance between two cities from USA and Canada.
Falcon's driving distance calculator is easy to use, highly-integrated package that can be used in your web applications. With this version you will calculate driving distances between more than 42,000 cities from USA and Canada.
If you want to use this packes on your website you will need database support (MySQL or MS Access). If you don't have database support for your website you can use our prevoius version of mileage calculator.

If you need help to integrate this calculator into your website please click here and we will be glad to help you.

How-To Use In PHP Buy PHP version for $149.95
  include( "inc-distance/V2Distance.php" );
  $FinalDistance = getV2CityDistance($fromZipCode,$toZipCode);
  echo "Distance between ".$FromCity."(".$FromState.") and
          ".$ToCity."(".$ToState.") is <b>".$DrivingDistance."</b> miles";

How-To Use In ASP Buy ASP version for $149.95
<!-- #include file="inc-distance/V2Distance.php" -->
  FinalDistance = getV2CityDistance( fromZipCode, toZipCode )
  response.write "Distance between " & FromCity & " - " & FromState & " and " &
                         ToCity & " - " & ToState & " is <b>" & FinalDistance & "</b>"

Distance Between Two Airports

The are many ways to get distances between airports. The most widely used method of calculating the distances are: Pythagorean Theorem, Polar Coordinate Flat-Earth Formula, Haversine Formula and Law of Cosines for Spherical Trigonometry. For more details visit Airports Catalog.