Free PHP MySQL Backup Script

This PHP script is backing up and restoring your MySQL database without overloading your server. The main difference between this script and other backup solutions is that the current script are splitting the backup process into more than one sub processes and each sub process is saving a small part of your database.

How to backup a MySQL Database?

With this script you don't need to have technical skills to backup move and restore your database. You have to follow the next five steps to backup your database.

  • Step 1: Upload php files from this archive
    In zip file that you downloaded from our website you will find 3 php files( index.php, step2.php and step3.php) and 2 folders (includes and database-script). Please upload these folders and files on your website into "backup-database" folder. If you don't like "backup-database" name you can choose any other name you want.
  • Step 2: Change "database-script" folder's rights
    You should set "write" rights for "database-script" folder. To do that from your FTP client program right click on folder "backup-database" and from menu choose "Properties". On property windows set write attribute for all groups.

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  • Step 3:From your web browser access and input your database connection parameters. On this step you can set how many records will be saved into a backup file. For a very load server you have to choose a lower value (100 or 300).

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  • Step 4: Select which tables you will save and click "Export Selected Tables"

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  • Step 5: Download files from "database-script" folder into your computer

How to restore a MySQL Database?

To restore your MySQL database you will use the files that you created on backup process. Upload these files on your web server into "restore-database" folder. From your web browser access restore-database and input your database connection parameters.

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