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Moving Calculator

Falcon's Moving Calculator is a web package for enabling web live help for moving companies, definitely improving interaction with customers and web site visitors. With Falcon's Moving Calculator you no longer have to spend hours writing moving estimates.
Falcon's Moving Calculator is easy to use, highly-integrated package that can be used in your web applications. This moving calculator was written in PHP and ASP, and data base support is not necessary.

If you need help to integrate this calculator into your website please click here and we will be glad to help you.

How-To Use In PHP Buy PHP version for $159.95
  include( "MovingCalcFunctions.php" );
  getMovingCost( $fromZipCode, $toZipCode, $weight );
  echo "Moving cost between ".$FromCity."(".$FromState.") and
          ".$ToCity."(".$ToState.") is <b>$".$TransportationCost."</b> and
          distance is ".$DrivingDistance." miles";

How-To Use In ASP Buy ASP version for $159.95
<!-- #include file="MovingCalcFunctions.asp" -->
  call getMovingCost( fromZipCode, toZipCode, weight )
  response.write "Moving cost between between " & FromCity & " - " & FromState & " and " &
                         ToCity & " - " & ToState & " is <b>$" & MovingCost & "</b>
                         and distance is ".$DrivingDistance." miles";