Driving Distance Widget

Tell your customers how far they are from you! This widget automatically detects the websurfer's location (based on their IP address) and computes the distance from that location to you.
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PHP MySQL Backup Script

This script is backing up and restoring your MySQL database without overloading your server. The main difference between this script and other backup solutions is that current script are splitting the backup process into more than one sub processes and each sub process is saving a small part of your database. More Details About PHP MySQL Backup Script

Free Web Hosting

For our clients we are offering the best web thechnologies for free (with no setup or hidden fees). If you will become our client for each webdomain you will get :

- 100 Megabytes of hosting space
- Unlimited bandwidth
- Unlimited sub domains
- Unlimited POP/IMAP email accounts
- Unlimited databases
- Unlimited FTP accounts

We have our servers located on Atlanta, GA and we use 100% Pure InterNAP Bandwidth. InterNAP's patented "Intelligent Routing" Technology goes way beyond BGP4 and selects the best path out of 9 major Internet backbones, getting your data from point A to point B in the fastest, most reliable and least-congested path possible.

Our servers uses Debian OS with a custom control panel. We choose Debian for his never ending reliability. Lot of server's administrators is considering Debian to be "like a rock". If you want to be our client we will be glad to create your website or your web application. To provide us more details about your website please click here. For more details about your web application please click here.